OmniStaffer brand is owned by CloudCom Technologies LLC based in Freehold New Jersey USA. CloudCom Technologies is a premium product Development and incubation center. We develop and market a number of products which seamlessly integrate to support end to end operations. CloudCom Technologies was established in 2011. OmniStaffer is a cloud based solution for any software, consulting or staffing company dealing with project resources, their onboarding for projects, billing clients for their time including subcontractor resource billing and payments. The systems are delivered in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode.

The Omnistaffer systems can handle project requirements and associated workflow, target or mass marketing to identify and screen resources. Project Time management, payroll register, expense tracking, customer invoicing, subcontractor bill and payments. A number of alerts can be configured to ensure progress to time sensitive tasks. The platform takes advantage of bid data concepts to provide accurate metrics to track progress. A number of email activities are automated via system generated alert emails to ensure a number of manual tasks.

The system covers all the users from Executives, Managers, Team Leads, Recruiters, HR Specialists, Project Managers, Recruiters, Finance Team. The solution creates a tight bond within different organizations and workflows to ensure smooth operations.

The platform is a cloud based solution so no hassle in management of the hardware and software. Another advantage is no need to worry about any upgrades or bud fixes as they are centrally coordinated by the OmniStaffer Technical Team. This model greatly increases productivity and reduce costs significantly leaving a lot of time for you to deal with your core tasks of running your business.