Omnistaffer is a Cloud based Software as a Service Offering supporting end to end process for a Consulting, Staffing or a Software development company. The software is built completely on open source platform so there is nothing proprietary about the platform.

As long as you have an internet connection you can do your work which means you can have your staff distributed across the globe and still function as one team. You do not have to be a large company with huge budgets to accomplish this. We will be adding phone capabilities as well to the platform soon! Which will eliminate the hassle of have outdated office phone systems with the future cloud based IP telephony with all the enhanced features on par with large business establishments.

Are you worried that there is a lot of itineration rate with recruiters and loss of valuable knowledge base? You need not worry we got you covered!

Are you worried that you have too many requirements and too little staff! Do not worry the platform automation reduced a lot of the current manual work increasing the number of reqs you can push out to the market!

Integration with Popular Job Boards  Integration with Social Media


Recruiting Job Board Bench Sales
Staffing Sales Finance HR
Time and Expenses Analytics Invoicing
Commissions Contracts Payments

Anti SPAM Complaint USCIS Compliant; Integrate with QuickBooks
canspam uscis quick books
Universal platform compliance with all Open Source software components
Works with PC/Tablet/Smartphones for iOS/Android/Windows/Mac/Linux Operating systems
android Untitled  windows81  osx linux